An Ayurvedic Case Study for Excema

According to the principles of Ayurveda, skin diseases are never a condition of the skin alone.

Skin, the body’s largest organ provides many functions and is a multi-layered reflection of the health of internal organs and systems.

Spring forward into spring

seasonal ayurveda spring

Spring Forward – Ayurvedic Guidance for Spring Spring is the beautiful season of vibrant colors, joy and celebration. It is also the season of dynamic energy, when nature blooms and flowers around us, birds migrate to warmer regions and many animals spring from hibernation. Spring is a season of physical and emotional burst of energy… Continue reading Spring forward into spring

Dr. Ram Tamang Talks to Frame of Mind on Voice America Radio About Panchakarma

Panchakarma consists of five therapeutic actions to remove toxins from the body including those deriving from stress and illness, in order to create balance in the doshas. Dr. Ram Tamang will go into more depth and explain the many health benefits of this ancient Ayurvedic healing practice.

The Healing Gardens Launches New Ayurvedic Spa Treatments Using Shankara Products

Nurturing Mind/Body/Spirit Beauty in You…Consciously Costa Mesa, California, USA – January 29, 2013 The Healing Gardens, an authentic Ayurvedic clinic and wellness center located in Costa Mesa California, is launching a series of Ayurvedic Spa Treatments using the beautiful, organic and pure products of Shankara. Shankara products combine nature and technology where they blend the… Continue reading The Healing Gardens Launches New Ayurvedic Spa Treatments Using Shankara Products

Dr. Ram Tamang Interview with Terri-Sue, “Frame of Mind” on Voice of America

Yoga For Your Dosha – As we continue to learn more about living an Ayurvedic lifestyle, it is important for us as individuals to practice the type of yoga that is best for our body constitution. My interview with Dr. Ram will help to clarify what is the most beneficial for Vata, Pitta and Kapha… Continue reading Dr. Ram Tamang Interview with Terri-Sue, “Frame of Mind” on Voice of America

Healing Naturally through Ayurveda Yoga & Music

Ayurveda originated in India long back in pre-vedic period. Rigveda and Atharva-veda ( 5000 years B.C.), the earliest documented ancient Indian knowledge have references on health and diseases. Ayurved texts like Charak Samhita and Sushruta Samhita were documented about 1000 years B.C. The term Ayurveda means ‘Science of Life’. It deals elaborately with measures for… Continue reading Healing Naturally through Ayurveda Yoga & Music

Lon Sandoval

I have been with Dr. Ram and Sujata for one and a half years now. This is my first time with Panchakarma. I had a wonderful experience with this as well. Both of us will want do it again and will continue to do this for the rest of our lives and for this we… Continue reading Lon Sandoval

Fran Paider

It’s a wonderful experience. The music is absolutely fantastic. I am sleeping really well. I am eating really good meals. I really feel rejuvenated. I am going to encourage my children to go through this too.