Cleanse & Detox Program

Our customized cleanse is based on the powerful Ayurvedic process called ‘Panchakarma (Five Actions) and helps you reset the balance between your mind body and breath, your inner clarity, your inner healer and your sense of joy.


Our program cleanses toxins from the body’s deep tissues, open the subtle channels, brings life-enhancing energy, and thereby increases vitality, inner peace, confidence and overall well-being. 

Restore Mind/Body Balance

Anti Aging & Rejuvenation

Weight Management

Stress & Emotional Balance

Why should you cleanse?

Seasonal cleansing helps to release toxins and restore your body’s natural ability to heal. 


According to Ayurveda, our bodies are generally naturally healthy. However, we ingest toxins on a regular basis whether it’s our food, air, water and our day to day activities (both mental and emotional). The toxicity in our bodies is further exacerbated by negative relationships, stressful jobs, unhealthy lifestyle, and lack of spiritual orientation. All of these factors increase the formation of “ama.”


Ama is toxins, by-products of undigested matter in our bodies that lodge in our tissues and eventually become the cause for many diseases.

Based on our decades of experience at The Healing Gardens of Ayurveda, we have developed a unique 15 day program that is a natural, holistic, health-giving including herbal supplements, teas, tinctures, and nutritious and balanced meals, lifestyle recommendations and much more.

Our Detox is based on Ayurveda and Panchakarma, cleanses the toxins from the body’s deep tissues, open the subtle channels, brings life-enhancing energy, and thereby increases vitality, inner peace, confidence and overall well-being. The Wellness Programs are designed according to an individual’s state of doshas, mind, body and emotions.

How it works

The first step to developing your home cleanse — is for us to get to know YOU. Your constitution, your current and past health story, as well as your goals and vision. You can set up a consultation with Dr Ram so he gets to know you and also can customize the home cleanse.

(During the consultation, you will also get a wealth of applicable recommendations and guidelines that you can begin to apply immediately for your journey toward wellbeing and ease.)

If you are an existing client of the Healing Gardens, simply reach out to us and let us know you are interested in a cleanse. We will set up a short call to discuss your goals. 

We ship the home cleanse all over the US but if you’re local to Orange County, you’re welcome to pick it up from us once it is ready. We will also include a booklet of instructions that walk you through the process step by step. We are available over phone and text to support you through the whole 2 week process.

Pick the 2 weeks that you are able to commit to this process. We will guide you through the do’s and don’ts once you receive your kit and an instruction booklet is included.


You will also get a email from us every few days during the cleanse with inspiration, reminders and general encouragement … (You are not alone in this process, we are right there with you!)

Frequently Asked Qs

Dr Ram will determine during your consultation if this cleanse is suitable for you, but in general, this cleanse is not appropriate for children under the age of 16, pregnant women, people with severe weakness or debility. 

The Cleanse package is $900 which includes the 90 min consultation ($245 value) and $675 for the cleanse.

A free 30 min post cleanse follow up appointment is included in the package.

There are many products in the market that are generic detoxes or mass-produced cleanse products. Our program is based on the Ayurvedic principles that each person is unique, each health issue is unique, and each treatment is unique. A consultation is required for us to assess your unique mind-body-energy blueprint or constitution so we can put together a program that is appropriate. The herbs, tinctures, oils, ghee, etc selected for each cleanse is different. 

If you are an existing client who has done a consultation with Dr Ram already or have done a cleanse before, we can prepare your cleanse without a consultation. We will get in touch with you for a short phone call to discuss your goals and issues. 

As with any medical or health program, we cannot guarantee any results. You are extremely likely to see shifts in your energy, your vitality, your digestion and your states of mind towards peace and clarity. 

You might experience detox symptoms such as:

  • mild headaches,
  • skin breakouts,
  • fatigue, 
  • digestive discomforts (slight nausea, mild cramping)
  • changes in your bowels (loose bowels)

These may last for 2-3 days and then stabilize. If you experience any of these, please do reach out to us and we will guide you with appropriate adjustments. 

As each cleanse is customized to your health goals, you will experience results accordingly. However, you can expect to feel:

  • lighter in your body and mind,
  • more vibrant
  • reduced inflammation
  • less aches and pains,
  • better sleep
  • better energy, more clarity,
  • improved digestion and better immunity.

The effects of the cleanse can continue for 2-3 weeks after the cleanse is complete. 

Due to the customized nature of our business, we do not offer refunds for the cleanse or consultations. But you can be certain that we offer the best care to you that we can. 

You Owe Yourself a Reset

ELIMINATE toxins and toxic conditions from your body and mind

RESTORE your constitutional balance improving health and wellness

STRENGTHEN your immune system

REVERSE the negative effects of stress on your body and mind

PROMOTE longevity, self-reliance, strength, energy, vitality, mental clarity

PREVENT reoccurrence of mind / body imbalances

INDUCE deep relaxation and sense of well-being


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