Ayurvedic Consultation

With Dr. (Vaidya) Ram Tamang, Ayurvedic Physician

90 minutes – $245

Ayurveda Consultations - Pulse

Your initial consultation with Dr (Vaidya) Ram, an Ayurvedic Physician, includes a detailed account of your health history, present imbalances or health concerns, as well an assessment of your mind/body constitution.

During your consultation you will be educated on the principles of Ayurveda, as they apply to your specific condition and needs.

Dr Ram Tamang will conduct a traditional, in-depth Ayurvedic assessment of pulse, tongue, skin, nails etc as well as an evaluation and assessment of the imbalances in the mind and body.

Dr Ram will help you create a personalized plan that includes Ayurvedic dietary guidance and nutritional program, daily routine and lifestyle changes, personalized breathing techniques, exercises and more. He may recommend specific treatments and therapies as well as cleanses and detox if needed.

Customized, organic, pure and natural herbs may be formulated according to your physical and/or mental imbalances – taking into account your age, gender, environment and predominant constitution.

The frequency of follow up visits varies for each individual.


In addition, natural, fresh and pure organic herbal formulations are custom designed and blended to meet client’s needs and to bring balance.

The herbs maybe given in either herbal powder that is made into a tea, capsules or tablets, and/or liquid tonics and tinctures.

The cost of herbs and dietary supplements are not included in the price of the consultation.

Review Appointment: 1 hour – $150

The second appointment is followed in 2 weeks after the Initial Consultation. An in depth discussion on the results from the previous two weeks, review imbalances or symptoms and assess client’s Pulse and tongue again, noting the changes taking place within the clients body. At this time, a treatment plan and further lifestyle changes are suggested if need be.

Follow-Up Appointment: 1 hour – $150

Follow-Up reviews are on as-needed basis up to 6 months.

Nutrition Consultation: 1 hour – $150

With Holistic Nutritionist

After your Initial Consultation, you have an option to have an in-depth Personalized Diet and Nutrition Consultation that will focus on your balanced and healthy diet according to your mind/body Constitution, taking into account your present elemental imbalance, environment, seasonal changes, lifestyle and eating habits.  You will also learn basic cooking techniques and how to prepare a balanced and healthy meals for your body type.  You will be provided with a spice starter kit and Vegetarian, Vegan or Raw food recipes.

Ayurvedic Diet is high in Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fats and other naturally fiber rich and wholesome foods that will promote energy throughout the day, build your immune system and keep your body toned and radiant.

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