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I had a severe case of shingles on my face and neck. After going to Hoag ER the doctors told me I would be scarred for life and have neuropathy. I went to Dr. Ram and he gave me tonics and things to put on my skin. It worked wonders. I was healed in a week and a half and had no scars. Also no neuropathy. There's always another way!
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Dr. Ram and his team are extremely knowledgable and friendly. My wife and I trust his expertise and guidance. My wife came here for the first time 2 months ago and is extremely glad she did. she started off with the initial consultation with Dr. Ram which was really informative. After that she went through the Panchakarma treatment. She said the massage treatments were extremely relaxing and supposed to get a lot of toxins out of her body. she feels her body is stronger and lighter. He has truly changed her life for the better and continues to do so after every session. We are truly grateful that we have found such a genuine and giving healer. We strongly recommend this place.
Claudia G
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I had some health problems for some time such as allergies and fatigue that required me to take over the counter medications. Those medications made me constipated and hungry. Dr. Ram put me on natural supplements that helped me relieve my allergies and fatigue. I addition, I did the 15 day detox cleanse and now I feel better than ever. I don't have allergies, I have more energy, I sleep better and I am able to meditate better. Overall, Dr. Ram taught me that food is medicine and I can use natural medicine (supplements and food) to cure myself from illness. I highly recommend it for anyone who has been struggling with health and mental issues.
Chris G
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If you are inclined to Ayurveda and you live in the Southern California area, consider yourself lucky because you have access to Dr. Ram. I've worked with several naturopathic and alternative medicine doctors in the last many years. Dr. Ram is by far the most advanced, knowledgable, experienced and heart-centered doctor I have ever worked with. He has helped me bring challenging health issues into harmony and balance. Dr. Ram and his team are a blessing!
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The gift of healing and understanding that you have graced me with are only some of the benefits and I continue to marvel at your wisdom and knowledge
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I had weekly migraines for 24 years, with severe pain, nausea and vomiting. I tried everything! Western medicine & other approaches did not help me & I had given up. Then my son recommended The Healing Gardens, where Dr Ram Tamang prescribed a variety of Ayurvedic treatments. Almost immediately the migraines decreased in intensity and, soon after, in frequency. I’ve had only one real migraine in 4 months. The treatments from Dr Ram & his team have literally been life-changing, since I now have an extra day each week that I haven’t had for so many years. Dr Ram and his team are extremely kind, dedicated and skilled at what they do. Dr Ram said I should stop waiting for my migraines to come because I wouldn’t be having them anymore. I’m so grateful that he was right! I strongly recommend The Healing Gardens to anyone!
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After taking the herbal tincture you prepared for a couple of months now I have to say it changed my life. I feel calm and I no longer “freak-out” over situations that cause me to stress over them. I can handle them now. I am more focused and less anxious for sure. Thank you for this, and everything else you have helped me with.
Alexa B
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My whole family has been seeing Dr. Ram Tamang for many years now. His help has changed all of our lives. My personal experience has been dealing with eczema for almost 17 years until I saw Ram and he gave me food and lifestyle changes to work on, and herbs that I take twice a day.... and my eczema is gone.... for the first time since I was a teenager... I feel like a new person. It's not just the eczema either, his help and guidance in diet, breath exercises, and overall health has been amazing. I am so very grateful for everything that he has done for me. I would highly recommend his services, and The Healing Garden to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life and health.
Thomas Q
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Dr. Ram has helped me on my path to wellness and good health - he and his team has introduced me to different pranayama, to oil massages at home, to daily ayurvedic routines, to how to be happier and more conscious. I have adopted many of his teachings and practices to my daily routine and have felt better. I have been seeing Dr. Ram for many months now consistently and will continue to do so - I regularly come in for abhyanga massages and have done shirodara and 3 senses therapy - which have all had significant results. He is a great listener and exudes a positive energy that you can feel immediately - thank you Dr. Ram and your team for helping me on my journey of good health!
Almond K
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I firmly believe in Ayurvedic medicine and so glad to have found Dr. Ram in my vicinity. Dr. Ram is such an amiable person. I have been visiting with him for the past three years and have seen great results through his treatments. Recently, I introduced a family member who underwent the 15 day cleanse. The cleanse seemed pretty laborious at the beginning, yet Dr. Ram and Dr. Afrin helped us through the process. The cleanse was such a life changing experience. I highly recommend Dr. Ram and his team for a holistic healing approach.
Melanie S
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The people at The Healing Gardens of Ayurveda are warm and knowledgeable. If your goal is gaining more balance and harmony in your life, The Healing Gardens is a good place to find support. Everything they do is customized to the individual. It's a great place.
Maria R
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I came to Dr Ram about 2 years ago at the lowest point in my health when western medicine wasn't giving me any answers, and I was about to give up. I had really bad anxiety, digestive issues, malnutrition, I was loosing a lot of weight and loosing my hair. Dr Ram, Afrin, and his team saved my life. I began to work with Dr Ram and following his advice and shortly after I began to feel better. so much so that I continued coming to him whenever I wasn't feeling well. Dr ram has so much patience he never gave up on me. He was always very attentive listening to all my concerns and he would always follow up with me making sure I was keeping up with his recommendations. Fast forward to now I feel amazing all of my digestive issues are gone, the brain fog is gone , my hair is longer than ever and my skin is so clear, I feel great, energized and very present in my body. Dr Ram is an angel he REALLY cares about your health. Aside from his medicine he teaches you great everyday techniques to deal with stress. I, along with a few if my family members will continue to trust Dr ram and his team with our health. Thank you Dr Ram and team for being so knowledgeable and kind and for helping many of us restore our health.

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