This Panchakarma has exceeded my expectations. My body has become lighter and free-er, my spirit has too. The way it has been structured with body work during the day and then to end the day with these amazing experiences with music has made it very holistic. I know I will go home more refreshed.

Peggy Bottger

I am a big fan of Ayurvedic Medicine and a huge fan of the Healing Gardens. Dr Ram and Sujata are very welcoming and caring hosts whenever I attend a Yoga class, a lecture, healing services and special events such as their upcoming Ayurvedic Detoxification Retreat. I have attended one of their retreats in the past and was glad I did. I am looking very forward to the PanchaKarma Retreat coming up at the end of March in Ojai.

Bryan Wagstaff

I feel the treatment here is just not for physical healing but more importantly for balance of spiritual and mental energy. This is my first time and I feel the treatments work very well with me.


I am very much in to alternative medicine. I first started seeing Dr. Ram and Sujata when I was diagnosed of a thyroid problem. I took treatment for few months and continued with a healthy diet enabling me to stay out of surgery for the past 4 years. Recently I had Netra Basti treatment for my eyes and I was baffled with the out come of it after couple of months. I had achieved tremendous improvement on my right eye. Thank you Dr. Ram and Sujatha for caring and healing me.


After taking the Stress & Anxiety tincture for a couple of months now I have to say it changed my life. I feel calm and I no longer “freak-out” over situations that cause me to stress over them. I can handle them now. I am more focused and less anxious for sure. Thank you for this, and everything else you have helped me with.


I would like to share my thoughts of gratitude regarding the April 2012 Detox program that I recently enjoyed in beautiful, Ojai. Dr. Ram and Sujata provided an incredible spiritual experience for the entire group. They both came with great concern and lovingly and personally arranged the holistic detox program down to the very last detail. I was administered the most delightful hands-on therapeutic oil, treatments – good, for mind, body and soul; a large thank you to all ther members of the team; Tami, Jessie, and Keri for their individual and skillful thoughtfulness and executing such dedicated, and personalized detailed attention; focusing on the prescribed areas of particular relevance. Each treatment – a delightfully planned journey, addressing the various low energy areas and directed by knowledgable, caring hands.


I have been coming to Healing Gardens for several months now, and have just completed Panchakarma there. It was a wonderful experience! Dr. Ram and Sujata are both so gifted and caring, and Melanie and Tami gave fantastic massages! I feeling rejuvenated after a week with them, and have started my workweek with a renewed sense of health, joy and optimism. This is a special place. I am glad I have a membership so that I can return every month for some care and inspiration!

Hanan Thornton

Probably the closest cleranse experience in America to actually going to a clinic in India

DR. Jeff C.3 day Panchakarma

The gift of healing and understanding that you have graced me with are only some of the benefits and I continue to marvel at your wisdom and knowledge


The therapies I received at The Healing Gardens Detox Retreat helped me reflect and go inside of myself. I found that I needed to be in touch with myself more as I felt that I have been disconnected. Having the opportunity to interact with all the others at the Detox Retreat was an incredible learning experience for me. The therapies and attentiveness of Dr Ram, Sujata, Jesse, Tami, and Keri were excellent and a total team effort. This experience was truly a retreat.


The Greatest component this week has been your genuine caring about your clients – everything you have done has been excellent. I will be sharing this wisdom and compassion with few others. I know this is the beginning of a journey for the rest of this life

Lyn3 day Panchakarma

Not only does the Ayurvedic healing methods work for me but you are both so kind, compassionate and sincere and so Thank you for your help and guidance


I’d always wanted to try Panchakarma, and my recent experience at The Healing Gardens Detox Retreat (April 2012) went beyond my expectations! The amazing place we shared; all of the staff made me feel at home. The sense of camaraderie among the clients helped me feel like if I had known them for ever. And the treatments, the massages, yoga and the food! Overall, it was the most amazing experience. I would absolutely do it again and definitely will recommend it to my friends and family!


I had weekly migraines for 24 years, with severe pain, nausea and vomiting. I tried everything! Western medicine & other approaches did not help me & I had given up. Then my son recommended The Healing Gardens, where Dr Ram Tamang prescribed a variety of Ayurvedic treatments. Almost immediately the migraines decreased in intensity and, soon after, in frequency. I’ve had only one real migraine in 4 months, and that was my own fault for deviating from the dietary recommendations & allowing myself to get over-stressed. The treatments from Dr Ram & his team have literally been life-changing, since I now have an extra day each week that I haven’t had for so many years. Dr Ram, Sujata and Tamara are extremely kind, dedicated and skilled at what they do. Dr Ram said I should stop waiting for my migraines to come because I wouldn’t be having them anymore. I’m so grateful that he was right! I strongly recommend The Healing Gardens to anyone! They are simply the best!


Several weeks after my cleanse, I’m still amazed with the qualitative differences I’m experiencing inside and outside my body. My mind is clearer and more alert, my circulation and energy levels have improved significantly, and I feel more positive and generally more optimistic than I have in a long time. I’am very pleased with the care I’ve received from the wonderful people at The Healing Gardens.

Elma F.

It was life changing experience to have gone through Panchakarma at the Healing Gardens

Angelas S.

For Panchakarma to make a difference in my broken bone, that I had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on, to feel no pain for the first time in 6 years and weeks later, NO PAIN is Amazing! Words could never describe my experience, nor my ways of life and I feel today, weeks later. Even though, I am still moving in my new body and acknowledging my reactions to be different, the way I walk and feel like I am walking on soft clouds, the calmness in my head – JUST UNBELIEVABLE

Jennie H.C.P.A.

Had excruciating lower back pain for over a month. Couldn’t move much, bend, or do any activity. I would wake up feeling exhausted every morning, energy less. Went to Orthopedic doctor, Chiropractor, and then finally decided to go to an Ayurvedic doctor, with my friend’s recommendation, although I had no expectations, as nothing was working.

So I came to The Healing Gardens.

Just by checking my pulse, Dr. Ram was able to tell my entire medical history and also family medical history. He started me off on some powders that don’t smell or taste good, but feeling change in my energy levels the very next morning and reduced pain, I started liking the powders. After a week, he gave me another home based oil treatment. After 3 days, I was scheduled for a 5 day series of an ancient Ayurvedic technique for the lower back – ‘Kati Bhasti’. 1 Hour of herbal oil treatments on my lower back for 5 days.

Just after the first day, I felt soo much relief, it felt like the best thing on earth! I was able to stand straight and walk. The pain gradually started reducing over the 5 days. Besides the back, I felt so relaxed overall and happy.
On the 4th day after the treatment, for the first time I felt pain free in over 2 months.

It’s been a week after the treatments, the pain has drastically reduced. I feel energetic, and have been walking straight, doing light stretches. Am careful about my bending positions and body movements and hopefully with regular follow-ups I will be able to feel like a child again!

Dr. Ram and Sujata are beautiful souls. They are so kind and courteous. They adjusted based on my work schedule. Thank you sooo very much Dr. Ram and Sujata.

Friends, Ayurveda is an old and ancient science but not obsolete. Depending on one’s condition, Orhtopedic checkup, X-rays, MRIs may also be necessary. But definitely give Ayurveda a shot! I’d suggest going to a Ayurvedic doctor rather than a practitioner.

Ayesha S.

It was wonderful from start to finish. Every day began with a smile and ended with a smile. It is unique to be able to get, in a 5 day span of time, to where you can really begin to feel a change in your body so I would recommend this to anybody looking for a change in their life and in their lifestyle.

Mrs. Pat Sandoval

I owe you my life for I wouldn’t have lived long or well without your healing and guidance

Felisa L

Dr. Ram and Sujata evaluated my lifestyle and my physical condition to determine a course of treatment. I saw significant improvements in the condition of my facial ACNE, skin condition and my digestive system within weeks with further gradual improvements in the following months. The condition of my skin seems to be permanently changed for the better! And while I still have occasional breakouts, the severity and duration are noticeable reduced. My experience here has been very positive and I am thankful for the guidance that they have given me.

Jessica R4 months, Acne Client

I had the good fortune to experience a Shirodhara treatment from Sujata recently.  In short, Shirodhara is a treatment where warm oils are poured in a gentle stream over the forehead (the “third” eye).   I knew that the purpose of the treatment was for the body’s natural healing to take place, for a variety of conditions, including stress release.  But it is so much more!

I have been meditating for many years, and I can truly say that I have never experienced such a deep meditation or feeling of being in such a safe, sacred space as I did during that treatment.  As I told Sujata as I was leaving, I think this was as close to Nirvana as I’ve ever experienced.

I can not recommend The Healing Gardens highly enough.

Kristin S.

Shirodhara Treatment was truly the most relaxing and spiritually healing experience I had ever experienced in my life!

Karen Fisco

It’s a wonderful experience. The music is absolutely fantastic. I am sleeping really well. I am eating really good meals. I really feel rejuvenated. I am going to encourage my children to go through this too.

Fran Paider

I’ve had ECZEMA and used steroids and other medications my entire life until my eczema got out of control from head to toes and the meds weren’t working anymore.

I had not choice but to look for alternative measures when doctors and dermatologists could only prescribe more detrimental drugs to suppress my immune system. They gave me a life sentence in prison indicating that I “can’t go here, wear this, do that, etc.” and I’d be on drugs the rest of my life. I essentially had to live in a bubble. No thank you! There’s gotta be a better way to manage my eczema.

I quit my job and searched full-time for a natural solution. I found certain organic foods, exercises, meditations, and other holistic approaches help heal eczema. Those things helped but The Healing Gardens truly pulled it all together for me and helped me heal and manage my eczema holistically.

Dr. Ram and Sujata are not only holistic healers using the mind, body, and consciousness but they are inspiring healing coaches. You need a great healing team to support and guide you through this process of detoxing your body of the drugs and toxins. Their staff is just as phenomenal as them.

I enjoyed their treatments during Panchakarma detox, which included warm oil massages, yoga sessions, delicious healing meals prepared by Sujata, and many other activities that involved healing the mind and body. These treatments may seem obscure but Ayurveda has been practiced for 5000 years and continues its lineage with Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Dr. Oz endorsing this practice today.

Dr. Ram and Sujata always make themselves available by telephone, e-mail, and in person. I’m always greeted with a compassionate hug when I see them.

If you have eczema, it is POSSIBLE to heal from it. Dr. Ram specializes in skin and joint issues, among many other conditions. They can help you live a more joyful life doing the things you love to do.

I’m grateful I made life long “friends” with healers who authentically care about my well-being and longevity.

THANK YOU THE HEALING GARDENS for freeing me and giving me my life back.

Ali B