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Acupuncture offers a myriad of benefits, from pain relief and stress reduction to improved sleep quality and enhanced immune function. By stimulating specific points on the body, acupuncture helps regulate the flow of qi, promoting balance and harmony within the body. Its holistic approach not only addresses physical ailments but also supports emotional well-being, making it a versatile and effective treatment option for overall health and wellness.

First Visit: Consultation & Acupuncture

60 minutes – $130


During your 60-minute acupuncture initial appointment with Michele Lee, you can expect a comprehensive and personalized experience tailored to your unique needs. 

Michele will begin by discussing your health history, concerns, and goals, ensuring a thorough understanding of your individual situation. 

Following this consultation, you’ll receive a relaxing and gentle acupuncture treatment, during which she will strategically insert thin needles into specific points on your body to promote balance and healing. 

Throughout the session, Michele will provide guidance and answer any questions you may have, ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment for your experience.

Acupuncture Sessions

45 minutes – $95

(Bundle 6 sessions and save $30)


60 minutes – $130

(Bundle 6 sessions and save $60)



Embarking on a series of 6 or 12 acupuncture sessions can amplify the benefits and maximize your overall well-being in several ways:


– Cumulative Effect: Acupuncture’s effects tend to build over time, with each session reinforcing the progress made in previous treatments.
– Targeted Treatment: A series of sessions allows for a more targeted approach, addressing specific health concerns comprehensively and holistically.
– Stabilizing Effects: Regular acupuncture sessions can help stabilize and maintain the body’s balance, promoting long-term health and wellness.
– Chronic Conditions: For chronic conditions or longstanding imbalances, multiple sessions provide the consistency needed to achieve significant and lasting improvements.
Individualized Care: With each session, your acupuncturist can fine-tune the treatment plan based on your progress and evolving needs, ensuring personalized and effective care.
Optimal Results: By committing to a series of sessions, you give yourself the best chance to experience the full spectrum of acupuncture’s benefits, including enhanced energy, reduced pain, improved sleep, and overall vitality.

Your Acupuncturist: Michele Lee, LAc

Michele is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Massage Therapist experienced in serving a wide range of clients, from pregnancy and pediatric to oncology and geriatric. 

Michele earned her Associates degree in Holistic Health Science and her Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She is a skilled and caring acupuncturist who also  has expertise in traditional Asian bodywork modalities including massage, acupressure, cupping, and gua sha.

Michele was taught by her mentors that all stagnation leads to suffering. Whether seeking to address specific somatic concerns or activate the innate healing that comes from deep relaxation, she helps her clients find relief from physical and emotional stagnation so they can have a more free flowing experience of Qi (vital life force) in their lives.


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