Dr. Ram Tamang

Ayurvedic Physician

BAMS, Certified High Performance Coach, Master Herbalist

ram tamang ayurvedic physician

Dr. (Vaidya) Ram Tamang BAMS is an Ayurvedic Physician, Master Herbalist, Educator and High Performance Coach, based in Southern California. Dr. Ram was trained as a doctor at the esteemed Ayurvedic University, MGR Medical University in Coimbatore, India, gained his Master Herbalist Certificate from GCNM in the USA and is one of 700 in the world to receive his certification as a High Performance Coach (CHPC). 


As a child of nature, Dr. Ram grew up in the foothills of the Himalayas in Kathmandu, Nepal, learning about herbs and nature-based medicines from his grandmother.


Dr. Ram works side-by-side Allopathic Doctors, providing his unique perspective of how Ayurvedic Medicine can be used along with Westernized and Modern Medicine for a truly holistic and holistic approach to healing. 


He is known for his unique and thorough approach to Panchakarma, an Ayurvedic detoxification treatment involving a system of in-depth mind & body therapies and procedures, along with herbal supplements. This process and system helps to cleanse the body and remove the toxins that may later cause illness or are currently causing illness – helping to bring an unbalanced body and mind back into balance. 


As the founder and co-owner of The Healing Gardens of Ayurveda, Dr. Ram has helped build and sustain a growing community of people passionate about the value of Ayurvedic Medicine. In 2006, he started his practice in Orange County, South California and has been practicing full time for the last 18 years at the Healing Gardens of Ayurveda, a full-service Ayurvedic clinic; both in-person and digitally 


Dr. Ram is a charismatic speaker and offers workshops and seminars around the world to help organizations and individuals understand the Ayurvedic approach to healing and help them become improved self-healers. He is  a faculty member with several Ayurvedic schools and National colleges in the USA including Kerala Ayurveda Academy, the Dancing Shiva Yoga & Ayurveda School and the Southern California College 


Encompassing his practices as a Physician, Herbalist, Coach, Teacher and Mentor, Dr. Ram at heart is a healer. He has served thousands of people, helping them to make changes in their lives and empower themselves through self-healing. He truly believes that “health is in your hands” and that each of us has a responsibility and desire to be healthy for ourselves, our families, our higher purpose as well as contributions to our world.


Dr. Ram can be reached directly at: ram@thehealingardens.com and his profile on LinkedIn is here.



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