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Ayurvedic Self-Massage Reduces Vaginal Dryness

We recently had a client who approached us with cognitive issues and memory loss. As part of her regime, Dr Ram recommended her to do a daily self-massage with a customized herbal massage oil. 


She did this consistently for a month and when she came in for her next appointment, she mentioned that along with improvements in her energy & vitality from the protocol, she experienced a bonus “side-effect” — her vaginal dryness was gone!


Vaginal dryness is something that many women experience due to hormonal imbalance, certain medications, post menopause, or after cancer-related treatments. Many times they assume there is nothing that can be done about it or see limited results with suppositories or lubes. In fact, our client hadn’t mentioned vaginal dryness as an issue at all. 


Certainly, her protocol included many other things including herbs, changes to her diet, etc but it is likely that the regular use of the oils encouraged this moisturizing, nourishing, positive effect of eliminating the vaginal dryness.


The simple things in Ayurveda when consistently done have amazing results and effects. 

What’s a surprising side-benefit of an Ayurvedic protocol that you have experienced?


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