5 Must Have spices In Your Kitchen

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Mmmm, the aroma of spices

Spices have been an item of value across time! After all, we’re all looking for a bit of spice in our lives.

Let’s discover 5 spices that can have many uses in your kitchen!

Mmmm, the aroma of Spices

Ever since humans discovered spices, they have been commodities of great value in cultures all over the world. Not only do they enhance the flavor of food and unlock nutritional value, they also have a range of potent health benefits. Some spices are so potent, they can be harmful if consumed the wrong way. 


Ayurveda considers the digestive system as critically important for overall health, so whatever the health issue might be, attention is paid to how well you digest what you eat, as well as what and how and when you eat. 


Spices are an easy way to improve your digestive function, so we’ve selected spices here that are easy to use, and have a range of benefits, but primarily improve your gut function and health!


Let’s discover the Ayurvedic medicinal properties of these 5 powerhouse spices. 



Ginger root

Ginger has a long history of medical use, both in the fresh form and dried powder form. Use it in your cooking everyday! Or can be taken as a tea as a remedy for digestion, colds, and also aches and pains. 

It is heating, so use in moderation if you have a pitta imbalance or avoid if severe pitta issues (ulcers, GI inflammations). 

Digestive Issues: stimulates digestion, reduces gas, 

Immune Support: At the first sign of a cold, or sore throat, take a small piece of fresh ginger and chew slowly allowing the juice to soak the throat. 

Joint/Muscle Pain: Take ginger internally to relieve muscular inflammation as a tea or in your cooking. You can also make a paste with water and use under a hot pack externally to help with muscle pain. 

Cardamom Pods

An aromatic herb that is cooling, digestive and gives a grounding feeling on the nervous system. It is mild enough for all ages and children as well. 

Use in your coffee to reduce the negative effects of coffee. 

Nursing mom’s can use as a tea that will pass through their milk to reduce colic and gas in their child. 

Use a pod in your mouth if you feel nausea.

Use after-meals as a mouth freshener and digestive aid.

Also can be used during colds, congestion to remove phlegm.

Use in your breakfast, desserts and home-made jams.

Steep in hot water with edible rose petals for an exotic digestive cooling tea. 

Tumeric Root

Probably the most commonly used herb in India due to its amazing therapeutic value. 

It is a natural antibiotic for a variety of infections, viral or bacterial, supports immunity and purifies the blood. 

An excellent digestive spice that also helps remove toxins when used in moderation. Improves the health gut microbiome and absorption of nutrients.

Use in your cooking or in a tea.

Can also be used topically for skin health *but caution, it stains!

Avoid use during early pregnancy. 

Coriander Seeds

Another mild tasty spice that stimulates digestion without aggravating Pitta dosha. It has a special effect on the urinary system and works as a mild antiseptic for UTIs. 

Often combined with Cumin and Fennel as a digestive tea that aids the microbiome of the gut and supports detoxification. 

fennel seeds must have spices in your ayurvedic kitchen

Fennel Seeds

One of the best spices that all three doshas can use safely by all ages. Effectively improves “agni” or digestive enzyme function.

Use for: colic pain, bloating, cramping, gas.

Indian homes often have dry roasted fennel seeds and eat them after meals both as a mouth freshener and an aid to digestion! 

Also, an ingredient in the famous Ayurvedic digestive tea — CCF tea. 

Also stimulates healthy lactation and menstruation.

PS: The fennel root is a common food and also is a tonic for urinary problems.



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