15 Day Home Based Detox Kit
Customized for your health goals and constitution.
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Feeling Overwhelmed?
We're here to simplify your lifestyle, diet, build lasting healthy habits and provide personalized herbal protocol.

Why Ayurveda?


Health is wealth

It is the foundation from which you can enjoy and build every area of your life. Without health, how would your life be?

Live in harmony with nature

Personalize your routines and habits based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda that help us align to nature's circadian rhythm.

You have a unique constitution

Each of us is made of a unique proportion of the 5 elements - Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth... and these elements function in us and around us through three bio-energies called "Doshas" -- Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Prevention is the focus

Ayurveda gives you a holistic approach to living -- preventing dis-ease, aligning with your nature and nature around you, a wholesome diet, self-care practices and a way of being that suits YOU. Ayurveda helps you improve the quality of your life and add longevity.

Address the root cause

If illness arises, Ayurveda is a treasure trove of remedies & treatments. Using food as medicine, herbal formulations, body treatments and other specialized therapies, Ayurvedic protocols address the root causes of disease to aid the journey back to wellbeing.

You are the healer

The goal is to awaken and reignite your innate ability to heal. Each cell in your body has the profound wisdom it needs to be healthy. Ayurveda helps you realign to that wisdom.

Why The Healing Gardens

Our goal is to guide our clients in timeless tools and healing principles that they can use to nurture their own health, restore balance, and create greater joy and fulfillment in their lives.


Here at The Healing Gardens we are committed to bringing the highest quality products and services to serve all your needs. You will find our staff professional, courteous and above all educated and experienced in the field of natural healing.


The Healing Gardens is an Ayurvedic wellness center established in 2005 with the mission to bring authentic Ayurveda and natural healing therapies to America. Headed by the highly qualified & experienced team of Ayurvedic Physician Dr. Ram Tamang and Afrin Sopariwala, The Healing Gardens has created life changing experiences for people from various walks of life, both healthy & those undergoing serious ailments.


Our Expertise

We practice holistic medicine and also work with your primary care physician and specialists. We help you reduce the side effects of medicines and drugs and can guide and support you in health conditions like:

We Get

Ayurveda’s framework combined with our experienced team let us create the treatment plan that is uniquely for you. Our cleanse program is effective, safe and has proven results for thousands of clients.


We strive hard to provide each person an exceptional experience of care in each interaction whether in person, on the phone or even via our text support. Our clients feel heard, encouraged and motivated to apply our care-plans.


Ayurveda is based on the premise that each of us has a unique health blueprint. We guide you on how to align with that.

Ayurvedic Physician

With more than 20 years of full time practice in Ayurveda in California and thousands of patient visits, you can expect the highest quality service.

Our Services

Schedule a consultation to discover your ayurvedic type, and get customized guidance for mind-body wellness.
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Achieve your potential and fulfill your purpose with Certified High Performance Coaching
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Our customized home cleanse programs based on the techniques of Panchakarma are effective, safe and fully guided by our experienced team.
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Ayurvedic Consultations

Understand YOU from a unique perspective — your mind-body complex, unearth the root causes of your health issues, and discover simple + applicable ways to come into health, balance and harmony. 

Custom Blended Herbal Supplements

Ayurvedic herbology involves not just the study of the properties and effects of the herbs, but also the suitability of use for different constitutional types, at different ages and stages of life, and also considering the balance or imbalance of health system. 


Dr Ram has been custom blending herbal formulations for our clients for the last 18+ years and we use fresh, organic, herbs that are wildcrafted, and sustainably harvested. 

14-Day Home Cleanse & Renew Program

The highlight of Ayurvedic therapies, Panchakarma is a powerful detoxing process that addresses the root cause of acute and chronic health concerns. Our custom designed home cleanse will affect each system of the body and every layer — mind, body and spirit.  

Ram Tamang CHPC

Experience the on-going feeling of engagement, joy and confidence that comes from consistently living your best-self. 

Meet Our Team

Our team of experienced, compassionate practitioners provide exceptional care, guidance, to give you the results you seek. 


10 Ayurvedic Secrets for Healthy Digestion

Download this guide for 10 simple tips and habits to improve your digestion.

What our clients say:

Akhila K
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Dr. Tamang is an amazing person. In my first interaction with him, he assured me all is going to be well. His calmness helps relieve all the stress and anxiety. Always so welcoming and ready to answer all questions patiently. For us, more than a doctor he is a friend. Will alway be ever thankful and grateful to him for helping us.
Esther B
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I met Dr. Ram during my Ayurvedic Counseling Certification, he was one of the teachers. He is not only one of the most knowledgeable Ayurvedic doctors and teachers that I know, but also very compassionate and understanding. He not only understands the body but he is also very helpful working with the mind and guiding you to achieve a clear mind. I definitely recommend Dr. Ram's services!
Almond K
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I firmly believe in Ayurvedic medicine and so glad to have found Dr. Ram in my vicinity. Dr. Ram is such an amiable person. I have been visiting with him for the past three years and have seen great results through his treatments. Recently, I introduced a family member who underwent the 15 day cleanse. The cleanse seemed like a pretty laborious at the beginning, yet Dr. Ram and Afrin helped us through the process. The 15 day cleanse was such a life changing experience. I highly recommend Dr. Ram and his team for a holistic healing approach.
Stephanie M
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I've had CIU for over 6 years and seen countless doctors and specialists but never got the help I needed. I was told about this place and tried as my last resort. I did a 15 day cleanse/detox and 5 senses care and was in shock with the amazing results. Not only that but I've implemented a lot of knowledge Dr. Ram has shown me for healing and continue to get his help. He is actually a caring doctor rather than one who sees you as a dollar sign. He followed up with me many times at no charge and genuinely cares. I'm so grateful for his help. I recommend him highly.
Sudi M
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I am so grateful towards Healing Gardens for all the guidance provided in my wellness journey. Dr. Ram is a great listener and a keen observer. He has shown extreme patience and provided the needed support. I met (virtually) with Dr. Ram in 2020 to understand my wellness options and to address my health conditions. He recommended starting with customized Panchakarma. I received detailed nutrition guidance from his team during this process. This was an important step to put me on the path to healthy lifestyle. I've seen positive results and am optimistic in this journey. Dr. Ram and his team are extremely helpful, proactive, respond to questions and communicate with you on a real time basis. As I said, health and wellness is a journey and my journey still continues with them. Dr. Ram and his team can push it to the next level of wellness.


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Disclaimer: Any content on this website is not intended as medical advice nor to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional. 

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10 Secrets for Healthy Digestion

Download our guide with ten simple tips & habits to improve your gut health.