Kimberly Hebdon Fuller

Kimberley is a qualified and accredited Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor working as Marketing Communications Manager at The Healing Gardens of Ayurveda. Kim holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management and Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing, from the University of Utah, USA.

Having a passion for education and training in health and wellness care, especially related to complimentary or alternative medicine, Kimberley uses her skills and talents to promote and assist practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine in their marketing and public relations, plus the promotion of the public image of Ayurvedic Medicine and Natural Healing. In addition Kimberley dedicates her skills in a relevant and significant way by her contribution and commitment in assisting her clients to achieve a holistic, healthy lifestyle and to positively transform their lives.

Kimberley is the founder and partner of Delamere Marketing, a successful marketing, public relations and media communications company with a track record that speaks for itself in the achievements made in assisting businesses in the international corporate world, primarily related to the Broadcast, ProAV, Post Production and Digital Cinema industries. Recently a new division has been created by Delamere Marketing, directly under the personal supervision of Kimberley; offering marcom services to health and wellness medical practices, as well as complimentary and alternate medicine practitioners.

Kimberley is also involved with the South African Student Sponsorship Program (SASSP). By observing first hand, and seeing the disadvantaged youth of Africa, plus having lived in South Africa for many years and experiencing the end of the Apartheid era, Kimberley is an active campaigner for education, training and enlightenment of the people, especially the youth of Africa, thereby assisting them to become healthier in mind, spirit and body; and also to be more successful citizens of the world.