Dipali is a trained Indian vocalist, composer, Vocal Coach, Music Teacher and theater artist. She started performing music at the age of 11, and since then has performed at International & National forums, on the radio and on BBC Channel Four. She has been conducting voice training workshops & teaching music for the past 15 years. Dipali practices meditation via chanting and has developed unique strategies for chanting sessions. Set to Indian classical “ragas”, she uses simple chants to create positive energy fields that unify the body and mind

Each chant is a specific positive message to the self, repetition of which awakens and brings out different aspects of the consciousness. Set in a purified environment, with tranquil sounds and fragrance, this becomes an experience of spiritual awakening creating a healing energy for the physical and emotional self.

Dipali now combines her unique voice to create “raga”-based chants with Yoga practice, making this an experience beyond imagination!