The Ayurveda Wellness Membership


Starting Spring 2022.

Join our community of like minded people focused on upleveling their wellness, vitality, and connection to their purpose. You are in the right place! 

Like Minded Community

It is easier to build habits and make changes when you have other people supprting and joining you on the journey.

Intentional Habit Forming

When you are empowered with knowledge, energized with self-belief, you dont need willpower to force a change. We will practice the art of habit building with intention and empowerment, which are sustainable and easeful.

Feel Supported, Informed, Aligned

Go at the pace that suits you. Attend the coaching calls, watch the replays, used the workbooks or print the checklists. We have multiples formats of information to support you in the ways you prefer.

What You Get As A Member

No flowery promises and sales tactics. Here’s what you can expect as a member: 

Join us live once a month for 90 mins of a workshop style class, followed with time for coaching, Q&A and getting to know others in the group. You will learn, laugh, make friends and feel inspired. 

What’s your style to learn? Videos, audios, workbooks, check lists, recipes, tutorials? We will have a range of content each month to make learns easy and applicable. Our goal is the best possible results you can achieve. 

Each month builds on the next. We go deeper as we learn to build habits in areas of health that are all connected — nutrition, home remedies, self-care, breathing techniques, sleep, elimination, stress management, balanced blood sugar, reducing inflammation…. and more. 

As a member of the Live Ayurvedic family, take 15% off any consultations, 1:1 coaching, herbal supplements and detox programs. 

A private forum to share tips, updates on your habits, ask for suggestions, and support from our team and your community. Start your conversations and make connections. It’s true: we see the bests results when we attempt to make changes with others along our side. 

Why This Program Works

It’s time to stop the merry go round of diets and forcing habits with willpower.  We will guide you through a step by step map to optimized health using techniques to bring empowered action, aligned with intention and ease. 

Limited Time Offer

Join today at a price that will go up in 3 months.  Or pay for the whole year to get a month free.  Call us at 714-730-7919 or email to secure your membership. 



Membership Terms & Conditions

Membership fees are non-refundable.

You can cancel anytime on the monthly plan but 6-month packages can be cancelled at the end of term.



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