Ayurvedic Therapies

The Healing Gardens of Ayurveda will revitalize, heal, balance, and nourish your mind, body, senses, and soul.  Our therapies are based on ancient Ayurvedic principals that correct imbalances and promote longevity and mind/body harmony.

Pizhichil Oil Massage

1½ hours session: $135

Pizhichil Massage is a therapy of continues pouring of warm customized herbal blend of oil all over the body, accompanied by a soothing, therapeutic synchronized Ayurvedic massage. This therapy is just heavenly, nurturing, and ultimate treatment to renew vibrant skin, healthy mind and joyous spirit.

Regular Pizhichil therapy can be very effective in managing imbalances such as arthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia and nervous system disorders like fibromyalgia and multiple Sclerosis.


Hot Poultice Massage

1½ hours session: $149

The treatment begins with the practitioner pouring warm therapeutic Herbal Blend, specific to the individual’s constitution, over the area to be massaged. Then warm poultices filled with  potent and medicinal herbs (based on the needs of the client), blended with herbal oils, are used to deepen the massage as the Practitioner traces energy pathways, pressure or Marma points and lymphatic drainage area to create a nourishing, relieving and healing experience.


1 hour session: $95
with Ayurvedic Physician

The nose is the doorway to the brain and it is also the doorway to consciousness. The nasal administration of herbal oil is called nasya. An excess of toxins accumulated in the sinus, throat, nose or head areas is eliminated by Nasya Therapy. The Therapy begins with a gentle sinus pressure point massage to loosen up the toxins with herbal oil. Followed by medicated herbal oil drops introduced into the nose and start the process of elimination of the toxins. This therapy is ended by facial steam.

Benefits of Nasya include:

Elimination of imbalances of the head, and disorders affecting neck, eyes, ears, nose and nervous system, such as sinusitis, allergies. Helps relieves insomnia, fatigue, tension, anxiety, chronic headaches and stress. Nasya directly helps remove blemishes and acne of the face. Regulates mood and depression disorders.

Netra Basti | Greeva or Uro Basti

45 minutes – starting from: $69

In Netra therapy, medicated ghee (clarified butter) is poured on the eyes till the eyelashes are dipped. This therapy has a cooling effect on irritated and stressed eyes. Beneficial in relieving eye strain, redness and dryness. Greeva or Uro Basti Therapy uses warm medicated oil to hold for a certain period of time. Greeva and Uro Basti are beneficial for frozen shoulders and release of deep seated emotional blockages. The process of these therapies is similar to Kati Basti.

Kati Basti
Lower Back Pain Management

50 minutes – starting from: $95

This is a special treatment in which warm medicated herbal oil (combination of three to four herbs) is kept over the lower end of vertebral column for a certain period of time according to individual constitution. This treatment is very effective in low back pain, sciatica etc.

signature-rejuvenationRejuvenation Therapy

4 hours session: $395
Ayurveda Therapy Sampler for a Day

An excellent introduction to Ayurveda that will help bring you to a higher level of balance

Ayurveda rejuvenation sampler for a day includes:

  • Consultation with an Ayurvedic Physician
  • Abhyanga – customized body massage
  • Shirodhara

The cost of supplements and customized herbal blends are additional.

We offer discounted packages, please call us for more information: (714) 730-7919

What our customers are saying

  • Dr. Ram and Sujata evaluated my lifestyle and my physical condition to determine a course of treatment. I saw significant improvements in the condition of my facial ACNE, skin condition and my digestive system within weeks with further gradual improvements in the following months. The condition of my skin seems to be permanently changed for the better! And while I still have occasional breakouts, the severity and duration are noticeable reduced. My experience here has been very positive and I am thankful for the guidance that they have given me.

    Jessica R
    4 months, Acne Client
  • Had excruciating lower back pain for over a month. Couldn’t move much, bend, or do any activity. I would wake up feeling exhausted every morning, energy less. Went to Orthopedic doctor, Chiropractor, and then finally decided to go to an Ayurvedic doctor, with my friend’s recommendation, although I had no expectations, as nothing was working.

    So I came to The Healing Gardens.

    Just by checking my pulse, Dr. Ram was able to tell my entire medical history and also family medical history. He started me off on some powders that don’t smell or taste good, but feeling change in my energy levels the very next morning and reduced pain, I started liking the powders. After a week, he gave me another home based oil treatment. After 3 days, I was scheduled for a 5 day series of an ancient Ayurvedic technique for the lower back – ‘Kati Bhasti’. 1 Hour of herbal oil treatments on my lower back for 5 days.

    Just after the first day, I felt soo much relief, it felt like the best thing on earth! I was able to stand straight and walk. The pain gradually started reducing over the 5 days. Besides the back, I felt so relaxed overall and happy.
    On the 4th day after the treatment, for the first time I felt pain free in over 2 months.

    It’s been a week after the treatments, the pain has drastically reduced. I feel energetic, and have been walking straight, doing light stretches. Am careful about my bending positions and body movements and hopefully with regular follow-ups I will be able to feel like a child again!

    Dr. Ram and Sujata are beautiful souls. They are so kind and courteous. They adjusted based on my work schedule. Thank you sooo very much Dr. Ram and Sujata.

    Friends, Ayurveda is an old and ancient science but not obsolete. Depending on one’s condition, Orhtopedic checkup, X-rays, MRIs may also be necessary. But definitely give Ayurveda a shot! I’d suggest going to a Ayurvedic doctor rather than a practitioner.

    Ayesha S.
  • Shirodhara Treatment was truly the most relaxing and spiritually healing experience I had ever experienced in my life!

    Karen Fisco
  • I am very much in to alternative medicine. I first started seeing Dr. Ram and Sujata when I was diagnosed of a thyroid problem. I took treatment for few months and continued with a healthy diet enabling me to stay out of surgery for the past 4 years. Recently I had Netra Basti treatment for my eyes and I was baffled with the out come of it after couple of months. I had achieved tremendous improvement on my right eye. Thank you Dr. Ram and Sujatha for caring and healing me.

  • I had weekly migraines for 24 years, with severe pain, nausea and vomiting. I tried everything! Western medicine & other approaches did not help me & I had given up. Then my son recommended The Healing Gardens, where Dr Ram Tamang prescribed a variety of Ayurvedic treatments. Almost immediately the migraines decreased in intensity and, soon after, in frequency. I’ve had only one real migraine in 4 months, and that was my own fault for deviating from the dietary recommendations & allowing myself to get over-stressed. The treatments from Dr Ram & his team have literally been life-changing, since I now have an extra day each week that I haven’t had for so many years. Dr Ram, Sujata and Tamara are extremely kind, dedicated and skilled at what they do. Dr Ram said I should stop waiting for my migraines to come because I wouldn’t be having them anymore. I’m so grateful that he was right! I strongly recommend The Healing Gardens to anyone! They are simply the best!


The goal in all the treatments is to restore balance and reestablish calm and harmony. They are deeply cleansing and purifying to the mind, body, and soul. The treatments have a rhythm and flow that covers the entire body.